My brand new blog and some fun blog features!

Hi friends! So here we are….my very first post on my brand new blog! (the posts below this one were imported from the old blog).  I have to say that it has been a very long time coming, and I am so excited to finally have my very own little piece of internet that really feels like “me”. I have had my old blog for about 5 years, and the upgrade was very needed, and way past due! But I just appreciate it that much more after waiting so long for it! 😉 Now I just have to get around to doing a little facelift to my actual web site, and all of my fun printed materials to get it all matchy and beautiful. But for now, you get to enjoy this fun little blog eye candy! 🙂

I had SO been looking forward to my blog having all the fun pages that it does now. I love that there are menus to share my Pinterest boards, and to easily hop on over to our Facebook page. As well as all of the other various pages that are just fun to browse through! 🙂

Other than the new blog, there have been a few other exciting things going on over here during the slower wedding months….I have been photographing lots of beautiful boudoir sessions for our 2012 brides (so I can’t share any of those photos just yet….wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for their soon to be hubbies), and some other fun portrait sessions! I also have been featured on some really fun blogs lately!

Here are some of the fabulous blogs we have been featured on recently:


Stephanie and Louie on Rusic Wedding Chic


Janelle & Tommy on Smitten Magazine


Ally & Mark on Emmaline Bride and I Love Farm Weddings


To see more of the great blogs our clients have been featured on , you can click on over to our “Features and publications” page from the Info pull down menu above! 🙂

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Paige + Blake Green - February 22, 2012 - 3:19 pm

Congrats Blair! Thats wonderful. 😀

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