About you!

Who are you?

You are beside yourself with excitement to marry the man of your dreams (and this fab wedding you are planning is just the icing on the cake).

You don’t take life too seriously, and take time to enjoy the little things.

You love photography that is warm, real, and fun – and definitely not overly posed and cheesy.

You may have used one of the following to describe the sweet details of your wedding: Chic, bright, country, rustic, whimsical, delicate, bright, crafty, vintage, warm, and (most importantly) fun!

You think a row boat on a lake, a parking garage in LA , a swimming pool in your favorite bathing suit, laying cozy in your bed with your dogs , running the streets of Las Vegas, making s’mores just outside of a homemade tent , buried in books in a library, eating cotton candy on a ferris wheel at the fair, and kissing in the back of your vintage pick up truck…are all perfectly adorable places to have your picture taken with the person you love.

You are looking for a photographer to be more than another vendor at your wedding, but some one who you could consider a life long friend.