The Un-Boxed Photo Booth

 What is it!? : We call our booth the Un-Boxed Photo Booth because it really is out of the box, no limits FUN! This is not your typical tiny box with printed strips kinda photo booth…its a big open space that lets you bring ALL of your friends with ya, and allows for plenty of unrestricted good times! 🙂
Grab a silly hat, strike a pose and have a blast. Not sure what to do? There’s always a photographer at the “booth”, helping guide the silliness to help create awesomely fun, hilarious photos of you and your guests. Our “booth” is a little different than most typical booths. There’s no printer on site and it’s not “automatic.” The photographer in the booth is shooting with a high end digital SLR camera to capture all the action in high res! Take that shot of grandma in a sombrero and blow it up HUGE for your next big family get together! With high res images, you can create all kinds of stuff with your booth photos, including prints, albums and photo gifts. Your wedding day only happens once, so LIVE IT UP! Your guests will love our booth, and so will YOU! Another really cool thing about the Un-Boxed Photo Booth is that it allows for extra family (not-so)formal shots that we might not have time for during portrait time, and lets you be a little more casual and fun with it! 🙂

When is it up? : The Un-Boxed Photo Booth is usually set up just after dinner service or during the cocktail hour (if you decide to have a first look) and is open throughout the time we’re scheduled to be at your reception. During the usual wedding “events,” like the cake cutting, first dance, etc. we put up a sign that says “Be right back!” so that you can still have two- photographer coverage for the most important parts of your reception. Booth tear-down starts 15 minutes before we’re scheduled to leave.

What do I get? : Within a week of the wedding (some times even the very next day), all your Booth photos go up into their own gallery on our proofing site. Your guests will be able to get into the gallery by using the provided on cards handed out at the wedding (and it even has a discount code if your guests decide they want to order a print from the gallery). Prints and digital files can be ordered directly through the gallery or guests can get you to make them prints with your high res Photo CD. Your photo CD will arrive along with your Wedding Photo CD.

What else can I do with my photos? : The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Some of my favorites things to do with clients Un-Boxed Photo Booth images is to create a really fun coffee table book that your friends will LOVE looking at when they come over to visit. I also think its really fun and unexpected when my brides and grooms send them out in their thank you cards to their guests! Just get in touch if you are interested in me making a great book or album with your images, or anything else you can think of! 🙂

Do you bring the props and background, too? : The short answer is yes! But I love when my brides and grooms get creative with their own personal touches! I bring the simple set up with a plain white background, my lighting, and some props. But a lot of the time my brides and grooms will make a really creative background that fits their wedding decor/theme perfectly. I also could send you some great links to set out your own brand new props, too! 🙂
Here is my Pinterest board with some really fun photo booth ideas :

Where does it go, and how much room will we need? : I always suggest putting it someplace near the bar, and the dance floor, and not too far from all the action so guests can come through while they are getting their party on! 🙂 And we only need about a 10′ x 10′ space for the whole set up! And we always love when the reception venue can hook us up with a long table to set all the props out on, for your guests to rummage through.

For some crazy reason someone else is photographing my wedding….could you just come to do the photo booth? : Nope! Our Un-Boxed Photo Booth is exclusive for Blair Nicole Photography brides and grooms only! 😉

Have any other questions, or want to add the Un-Boxed Photo Booth on to your wedding photography coverage? Just click the contact link above and we will be sure to give you all of the details and pricing! 🙂

What does it look like in action? Check out these slideshows from some of our Un-Boxed Photo Booth fun! :


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